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Modern types of advertising

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Курсовая работа по теме:

Modern types of advertising

Страниц: 40

Автор: Половинкина Мария Станиславовна

2012 год

3 47
RUR 1490
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1.2. Classification of advertising. 5

1.2. Pros and cons modern types of advertising. internet advertising as the leading means of advertising. 9

1.3. Internet advertising as the leading means of advertising. 13





Advertising was already in the very first documents of a written history. Excavations in the territory of the Mediterranean countries revealed the signboards informing on various events and offers. The Romans painted walls with announcements of gladiator fights, and the Phoenicians painted rocks in every possible way praising their lists the goods to the skies. All these are predecessors of the modern outdoor advertising. Advertisement of walls lists in Pompeii praised politicians and called people to give their voices for them. Other early version of advertising was personified by the city herald. The «Golden Age» of Ancient Greece saw people with heralds who went along the streets of Athens, proclaiming sales of slaves, cattle and other goods.

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4 12
RUR 1490

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