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Financial system of the UAE: structure, current events and vector of development

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Financial system of the UAE: structure, current events and vector of development

Страниц: 31

Автор: Юлия

2011 год

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Introduction 3

Chapter 1 Financial system is 4

1.1 A definition and a structure 4

1.2 Overview of features of various financial systems 8

1.3 Examples of financial systems 11

Chapter 2 Financial system of the UAE: main features and characteristics 13

Introduction 13

2.1 General overview of financial system of UAE 14

2.2 Analysis of banking sector 19

Chapter 3. Prospects and problems/the future of UAE fin system: the influence of global crisis 26

3.1. Influence of global crisis on UAE financial system 26

3.2. The future tendencies 31



After getting clear knowledge about the financial system in general, we should talk about my essay’s topicality. Firstly, robust financial system is the linchpin in the development and successful functioning market economy, as well as a prerequisite for growth and stability of the economy as a whole. This system is the basis for mobilizing and distributing society’s savings and facilitates its daily operations. Consequently, although the structural transition from a centrally planned and controlled economy to an economy that operates in accordance with market principles, includes many elements, the most important — to create a sound financial system. Once it has established, money and capital markets can develop especially primary and secondary markets of the national government securities.

Finally, I can go on to talk about the goal of my essay. I obviously want to disclose the nature and structure of the United Arabian Emirates' financial system in a market economy and its development trends.

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