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British Dynasties.Plantagenets

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Курсовая работа по теме:

British Dynasties.Plantagenets

Страниц: 28

Автор: Юлия

2012 год

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Introduction...…... 3

Chapter 1. The history of the dynasty ….….…...5

1.1. Henry II Plantagenet ….…...5

1.2. Richard I the Lionheart ….….…...7

1.3. John Lackland…... 10

1.4. Henry III Plantagenet ...12

1.5. Edward I of England in 191114

1.6. Edward II Plantagenet ...17

1.7. Edward III Plantagenet...19

1.8. Richard II …...23

Chapter 2. The practical part. Questions about the of course….…...26

Conclusion …...27




During the reign of the British royal family which in 2066 will celebrate its millennium seven dynasties changed. Now in power generation of Windsor, who heads the "Elizabeth II, the grace of God Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. " The first title of King of England took Offa (757-796 years), the ruler of Mercia, united under his rule isolated the kingdom. The last king of the Anglo-Saxon dynasty, was Edgar Eteling (October-December 1066).

After him power was transferred to William I the Conqueror, which marked the reign of Norman dynasty. From 1066 to 1154 the English throne changed four Norman King, the latter was Stephen Bluassky. A September 22 1139 at the English coast with a force of knights landed its militant cousin Matilda, granddaughter of William I who was at that time married to Gottfried Plantagenet and claim the throne. Taking into captivity Stephen, she was crowned bishop of Bristol. However due to the outbreak of renewed civil war soon she had to release a cousin. Only in 1153 was signed by the treatise in which Matilda's son Henry admitted Stephen King and Stephen — Henry in turn is heir to.

A year later Stephen had died, while on the throne, established a new dynasty — the Plantagenets, inside of which can be distinguished royal branches (of Lancaster and York). She rules until 1485.

Founder of the dynasty — Geoffrey (Godfrey) Handsome, Count of Anjou. The name Plantagenet, according to one legend, came from his habit of decorating his helmet twig broom (Latin planta genista)..

Currently, interest in the study of dynasties is large enough so the subject of this research is relevant.

The aim is to study the history of the dynasty Plantegenets.

The objectives of this study is:

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5 12
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