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Holidays and traditions in English-speaking countries

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Предмет: Культурология

Реферат по теме:

Holidays and traditions in English-speaking countries

Страниц: 11

Автор: Кондратенко Светлана

2009 год

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Introduction 3

1. Christmas in English-speaking countries 3

2. New Year in English-speaking countries 6

3. Easter in English-speaking countries 8

Conclusions 11

Bibliography 12


Every nation and every country has its own traditions and customs. Traditions make a nation special. Some of them are old-fashioned and many people remember them, others are part of people’s life.

All traditions can classified into several groups: traditions concerning the people’s private life (child’s birth, wedding, marriage, wedding anniversary); which are connected with families incomes; state traditions; national holidays, religious holidays, public festival, traditional ceremonies.

Every English-speaking country has a number of holidays and traditions. But there are holiday that are celebrated all over the world and in different way. In this work we will analyse how such holidays as Christmas, New Year and Easter are celebrated in Great Britain, Canada, the USA and Australia. Traditions of these countries are very different and interesting in their own way.

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