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The calendar of English customs and traditions. Календарь английских праздников и традиций

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The calendar of English customs and traditions. Календарь английских праздников и традиций

Страниц: 4

Автор: Любовь

2009 год

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The calendar of English customs and traditions.


There are only six public holidays a year in Great Britain, that are days on which people need not go to work. They are: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Spring Bank Holiday and Late Summer Bank Holiday. Most of these holidays are of religious origin, though it would be right to say that for the greater part of the population they have long lost their religious significance and are simply days on which people relax, eat, drink and make merry.

Besides public holidays, there are other festivals, anniversaries and simply days, for example Pancake Day and Bonfire Night, on which certain traditions are observed, but unless they fall on a Sunday, they are ordinary working days

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1) Практика устной речи. Selected topics for discussion. Advanced level.:учебное методическое пособие по английскому языку для студентов старших курсов./Л.С.Крохалёва и др. — МГЛУ,2009

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