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Moral values as they are seen today. Ценности

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Moral values as they are seen today. Ценности

Страниц: 2

Автор: Любовь

2009 год

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Moral values as they are seen today.


The answer somewhere in between: human beings are both good and evil. A moral education should strive to bring out the good and redirect the evil.

At the heart of Moral Re-armament is a belief that each person can make a difference to the world through a transforming experience of liberation in their lives and through their interaction with others. People long to be themselves to have a sense of worth and purpose of life, to be able to contribute of their time and talent, to know that they are needed and loved. In an age of information it's possible to fool ourselves, succumb to peer pressure and the spirit of the age. There are to be checks and balances-moral standards of honesty, purity, selflessness which guide our motives.

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Человек, который был Четвергом
Человек, который был Четвергом

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