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The subject of grammar

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The subject of grammar

Страниц: 5

Автор: Юлия

2008 год

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Syntax as part of grammar

The term syntax comes from Greek words syn with, tasso arrange [2: 60].

Syntax as part of grammar analyses the rules of combining words into phrases, sentences and supra-sentential constructions or texts [4:124].

While morphological field of study is parts of speech, syntax studies parts of sentence (subject, predicate, object, attribute, adverbial modifier), their syntactic relations.

The main units of syntax are phrases and sentences.

The phrase is a combination of two or more notional words which is a grammatical unit but is not an analytical form of some word, e.g.: a boring book, to start suddenly, absolutely marvelous, his unexpected leaving.

The sentence is the immediate unit of speech built up of words according to a definite syntactic pattern and distinguished by a communicative purpose [7:80-87].

Traditionally coordination and subordination are viewed upon as the basic types of syntactic relations.

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